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Saturday, July 17, 2010

MOCK INTERVIEW..hhmmm..-.-"

wehhh...mock interview!!!!!!!
uih..ak dh xtaw pe nih...
hentam saja lh...
maybe it will bcome like this.....
panel: what are u want to be when u grow up??
me : err..of course la pharmacist sir...i already rite in the file..pliz read yer sir..
owh...i know u so busy to read...but read is so good they said...
panel : okay..emm..why u want to be a pharmacist??
me : owh..easy question need to squeeze brain ( perah otak ) to think it..
emm..pharmacist can help people la..make medicine...but remember,not drug sir!!
panel : what latest news about world that you know???
me : owh...latest news ye..about herbal medicine...i thought medicine is juz chemical thing..
but when i come to village..i saw my cat eat grass to avoid that's why i know
herbal medicine...
panel : but it juz a and human are very different..
me : no we want to know sumthing..we no need to worry whether its a cat or human
panel : you are so weird...
me : its okay sir..that's qualifications that i have..i already state in the resume...
although the resume is written in japanese language..
[deep in heart : huhh..thanks yukuhama yamashito bcoz u helping me in writing resume..]
panel : can go now..
me : really????!!!tq3...uih,lama dh chek tunggu nk klua dr blik ni..await x khabak awe2..
panel : penang ka..sama la den...hang daerah mana?
me : uih..chek daerah prince of whales..gorgtown..hahah
panel : uih..sama la den..xpo eh...jum p pekena nasi kandaq kt smpat 4...depa ckp kt situ sodap..
me : iyo ko..mai la cpt ckit..tkt tutup plak kdai,bila cheq boleh mula keja??
panel : ni pun boleh....psl interview hang..chek kasi 100 % iyo...

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nonakuazizah said...

haha! lawak la jugak.. BTW as far as i know cats eat grass not to avoid vomit but to make it vomit.

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